Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19

1. Today i had a meeting with Dr. Alan Nye from Mechanical Engineering. He told me some things i need to know about the mechanical engineering programs at RIT and what types of courses i need to take and co-ops. I'm really interested in mechanical engineering and Dr. Nye is really nice ! The hard thing is deciding if i want to major in it.

2. Me and Cicely practiced our presentation in front of the other interns and Joe and Bob. We got a lot of compliments from the other interns. Thanks guys ;)

3. We also gave our presentation in front of the MVRL (multidisciplinary vision research lab)professors. I am appreciative of their criticism because i can use it in further presentations but I was really uncomfortable with making last minute changes to our presentation. I have been practicing for the past couple of days and it is kind of hard to change our talk and remember it when our presentation is tomorrow.

4. Lastly, tomorrow is the final day of the internship and i can't say that I'm happy about it ! This has been an amazing experience and i know I've made life long friends so it is going to be hard to say goodbye ! =[ But I took in some many things that will better my future work.

P.S - I hope the presentations are great tomorrow !

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