Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

1. Me and Cicely are really focusing on our final project. We just filled out the IRB forms so they can approve of our experiment. We need 5 novices and 5 experts of Modern Warfare 2 for the experiment. We already have our novices, which are all interns. The expert group is kind of sketchy but we are still working on it.

2. The meeting today on the Change Blindness article was nice. I actually understood most of the conversations that were going on (for once !). I'm not sure if i want to do that every thursday but hey, its for the best.

3. I had lunch with Cicely, Nate, Ethan, Kevin, Toni, Sean, and Billy at the SAU which was nice.

4. Tomorrow is fridayyyyy !!! yaaayyyyy.

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